Video Background Music Generation: Dataset, Method and Evaluation


Music is essential when editing videos, but selecting music manually is difficult and time-consuming. Thus, we seek to automatically generate background music tracks given video input. This is a challenging task since it requires plenty of paired videos and music to learn their correspondence. Unfortunately, there exist no such datasets. To close this gap, we introduce a dataset, benchmark model, and evaluation metric for video background music generation. We introduce SymMV, a video and symbolic music dataset, along with chord, rhythm, melody, and accompaniment annotations. To the best of our knowledge, it is the first video-music dataset with high-quality symbolic music and detailed annotations. We also propose a benchmark video background music generation framework named V-MusProd, which utilizes music priors of chords, melody, and accompaniment along with video-music relations of semantic, color, and motion features. To address the lack of objective metrics for video-music correspondence, we propose a retrieval-based metric VMCP built upon a powerful video-music representation learning model. Experiments show that with our dataset, V-MusProd outperforms the state-of-the-art method in both music quality and correspondence with videos. We believe our dataset, benchmark model, and evaluation metric will boost the development of video background music generation.

In ICCV 2023